Knitting by Sumi-e Kazu Shimura on Flickr.

now see here this hairy leg and concentrated man

i love this picture

Lean-to in the hills above Crested Butte, CO. 

Photograph by Jace Cooke.

Milton Rogovin

Fusando Hirai 1903-1960 - Circus - Takarazuka Dancing Girls Envelope - Ca.1930

A small, decorative envelope made in woodblock printing. 
These small ephemera reminiscent to the free, romantic era of 1910 - 30 in Japan are especially popular collector items.

Fusando Hirai was born in Fukuoka prefexcture. After he worked as a designer in Tokyo, he was employed by Takarazuka Theater and worked for the stage art. He was a cartoonist and an editor of the magazine, “Kageki”, also.
now see here this hairy leg and concentrated man

outside looking in
again outside
peering in

again i said
i am

you said
maybe not
that coughing lady said
nothing really
and i said i’m scared and
now i am sitting cross-legged outside
looking in