Yellow and Purple Cuckoo Flowers - Sakai Hoitsu (1907)From the series ‘Flowers of the four seasons’
look at this little mushroom
Bird and Berries - Uka (c. 1930)

Italian student receiving military training in preparation for a possible gas attack, 1935.

Elliott Smith - Georgia, Georgia 

(Source: thedude-abides)

Wolf - Kono Bairei (1889)From the series ‘The Moon in the Country’
Kusunoki Bids His Son Farewell - Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)From the series ‘A new selection of eastern brocade pictures’
はしかの流行は、今日と明日のためになります (The measles epidemic will be short lived) - Zentei, Oroka 1860
From a bound volume on measles history and health attitudes in Japan