Anton Mauve (Zaandam 1838 - Arnhem 1888), A Dutch Road, c. 1880; oil on canvas, 50 x 36 cm; Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio

Edward Okun (1872-1945), Liebe & Eftelkeit, Magazine Jugend.

A-frame in Dydiówka, Poland.
Contributed by Katka. 

why is LoL such a loser game

i am playing league again and it’m likin playing games now i want archeage


Heinrich Vogeler (1872-1942), Die Lerche - 1899

Josei 女性 (woman) with fan - Circa 1870
everything is better i am seeing a nurse practitioner next wednesday who will prescribe me whatever and i won’t be a big piece of shit anymore and deny medicine i have done horrible things in the midst of trying to find clarity and despite my four-year-long efforts to never have to “submit” to medication i have gone too far
leaving the only person that has ever loved me is not what i need to do, and upon realization of the level of depressed i have been this past month i can allow myself to shut it off and remember that i am irrational - at least until wednesday
i can’t say that my head doesn’t hurt and i don’t still feel an overwhelming fucking desire to let myself run destitute, but
someone loves me